September 11, 2018

Dear Shareholder:

I am pleased to advise you that the following individuals were elected to the Board of Directors of Sage Properties Corp. (“Sage”) at the Annual General Meeting on September 7, 2018 (“AGM”):

Sandra Jory                 Irfhan Rawji

Ralph Huizinga           Murray Warnke

Scott McCorquodale   Reginald Zotzman

The special resolutions to amend the articles to increase the maximum number of directors from six to eight and to amend the by-laws of Sage to lower the quorum requirement to 25% were also approved.

Prior to the AGM and at the AGM, a former director, Mr. Nielsen, and some shareholders expressed concerns regarding the Board’s working relationship with our Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”), Scott McCorquodale and with board compensation.  Please be assured that the SAGE Board of Directors, including its Chair, is united both in support of the CEO and with regard to key business issues facing the corporation and the strategic direction of Sage.  Moreover, we take shareholder concerns seriously and are committed to working with management, led by our CEO, to achieve the best possible results for Sage and all of its stakeholders.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours truly,

Sandra Jory, CPA, CA

Board Chair

Sage Properties Corp.

(780) 686-2441