Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the value of my shares?

A. Unfortunately, SAGE is unable to advise you on the value of your shares.  This is something we recommend discussing with a financial advisor. You can also refer to the valuation report that valued SAGE as at March 31, 2018 that you would have received as part of your Information Circular package for SAGE’s Annual Meeting that was held on Friday September 7, 2018.  Within this package it provides you with an estimated range on the value of your shares at March 31, 2018. If you do not have a copy of this report, please contact SAGE directly at 403-478-9661 or by emailing

Q. How can I sell my shares?

A. Although no transactions have occurred to date, SAGE does have a platform for interested sellers and interested buyers to list their information.  In the event a buyer is interested in buying your shares, you will be contacted directly.  Any negotiations regarding the price and sale of your shares will occur between the buyer and seller and does not involve SAGE.  To learn more about the platform and how to list your shares for sale, please click here

In the event a shareholder finds a buyer, the following forms are required to be filled out and submitted to SAGE for review:

  1. Stock Power of Attorney form (original copy) – submitted by shareholder
  2. Representation Letter form with Exhibit 1 filled out – submitted by purchaser

Upon legal and internal review, if everything has been filled out correctly, SAGE will submit to the board of directors for approval.  To obtain the forms mentioned above, please contact SAGE directly at 403-478-9661 or by emailing

Q. I lost my share certificate, can you send me a copy?

A. Please contact Alliance Trust Company, SAGE’s Stock Transfer Agent, and they will mail/send you another copy. Their contact info is:

Alliance Trust Company


Q. How do I transfer my shares to family or a friend?

A. You will need to fill out a Stock Power of Attorney form to complete the transfer request. Once completed, you will be required to submit the original copy to SAGE for review.  Upon review, if everything has been filled out correctly, SAGE will submit to the board of directors for approval, and then submit to Alliance Trust Company to complete the transfer. Once Alliance receives the forms, Alliance will issue new DRS statement(s) to the new shareholder(s).

Q. I’m the executor/executrix for a shareholder. What do I do with the shares now that the shareholder has passed?

A. You will need to contact Alliance directly at 403-237-6111 or by emailing  to request forms and information regarding an estate transfer. There is a fee of $175 + GST to process the transfer. Once the paperwork has been submitted to Alliance, SAGE will review and submit to the board of directors for approval.

Q: I was a joint investor in the Church Extension Fund, but my name is not listed on the share certificate with my other partner, what happened and how do I add my name back on to the account?

A: SAGE has encountered a number of shareholders who have expressed that there was an error in how their shares were issued and that the share certificate was only registered with one name. SAGE will absorb the cost to fix this error as long as the shareholder is able to provide the following completed forms and documents:

  1. Re-Registration Form
  2. Stock Power of Attorney Form (original copy required)
  3. Copy of a previous statement with the Church Extension Fund (CEF) that shows the original joint investors

Q. Why do I need a Stock Power of Attorney form to correct my shares to read “joint”?

A. The Stock Power of Attorney form is a legal form necessary to perform a resolution (a correction to an error in registration/name). It is simply transferring the shares within your possession so that it reads the correct names and is not fraudulent.

Q. How do I change my address?

A. Please contact Alliance directly at 403-237-6111 or by emailing with your old address as well as your new address.

Q. My name is spelled incorrectly on the shares, how do I correct this?

A. We ask that you send us a copy of your driver’s license with the correct spelling of your name and a copy of your share certificate to make the correction.

Q. Is SAGE involved with the class action lawsuit?

A. No, the lawsuit is something separate from SAGE.

Q. Am I going to receive more distributions?  I was receiving money from the Emergency Fund.

A. Unfortunately, SAGE was not involved with the emergency fund and we are unable to facilitate any requests to re-establish the emergency fund distributions.  If you have any questions pertaining to future distributions and the emergency fund, please contact Deloitte, the court appointed Monitor, at 587-293-3203.  You can also obtain information relating to the restructuring of the Alberta-British Columbia District of Lutheran Church-Canada on the Deloitte Insolvencies website.