Stephen Nielsen

Director since: August 26, 2016
Number of Shares Owned: Nil
CEF Nominee: Yes

Areas of Expertise:

  • Business Administration
  • Project Management
  • Governance
  • Environmental

Principal Occupation during the Preceding Five Years:

  • Director of Engineering and Customer Fulfillment at Willowglen Systems Inc. in Edmonton, Alberta (January 2017 to present)
  • Director, Land Title System Support for Service Alberta (2016)
  • Service Delivery Manager/Account Executive at Fujitsu Consulting (Canada) Inc. (2013-2015)
  • Chief Information Officer at the Department of Education, Government of the Northwest Territories (2010-2013)

Reasons for Serving on SAGE Board:

  • An opportunity to contribute as SAGE delivers value to shareholders by both protecting the remaining equity and efficiently monetizing the assets, and;
  • Sharing and representing the shareholder perspective as over 10% of the CEF fund in value comes from members of my congregation and my family members are one of the largest shareholders in SAGE.

Current Board/Committee Membership:

  • Member of the Board
  • Member of the Compensation Committee (Chair)
  • Member of the Governance¬†Committee